Tuesday, August 28, 2018

26th August (rain, rain and more rain, mild) 0 km

If there was a day to be spending tucked up in the lap of luxury, today was the day.  It rained from dawn ‘til dusk, which really didn’t bother us as we weren’t in London to see the sights – we were here to see Steve.  We’d arranged to meet Steve in the foyer to go for breakfast in the hotel dining room at 9am.  We’d been up early again, blogging, messaging and speaking to the kids on facetime. Talked to Brody and Kate and Briana, with all being good, although Briana has only just got over the flu.  Brody and Kate had moved bedrooms and cleaned thoroughly and had their room looking great.
At 9am, we met Steve as arranged and wandered into breakfast. As some of you may be aware, when we travel, I have a rather large appetite and this morning was no exception. We sat and ate and conversed for a couple of hours. That’s one of the best things about coming to see Steve, we always find things to talk about and in between mouthfuls, this was the case.
Steve went back to his flat while we made use of the excellent wifi to check out google maps for options out of the city tomorrow and to work out what ferry we would be catching.  We don’t want to book a ferry however as we know how fickle life on the road can be and don’t want to put undue pressure on ourselves.  In the early afternoon, we donned our rain jackets and walked quickly into Ealing to meet Steve.  We spent the next few hours just sitting in the warmth of a cozy pub, drinking and talking, with a little bit of football watching on the big screen to accompany it.
From here it was back to the hotel, in the still, pouring rain, for our evening meal, which was really enjoyable. Altogether, a very lazy day, but full of memories, laughs and fun.
Thanks Steve - great catching up with you!

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